'Glee' is awesome and all, but it has never been as cute as this. YouTube has produced yet another star in this little guy, who gets his kicks dressing up like a Warbler and singing along to 'Teenage Dream.' Watch out, Darren Criss, he definitely gives you a run for your money!

Not only does Kellan have a toddler-sized Warblers uniform, he's got the dance moves down to match. While the actual 'Glee' cover of Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' plays behind him on the TV screen, the little Warbler rocks the song vocally and physically -- without ever giving Kurt and Blaine a glance.

Kellan's make-shift music video was clearly shot in his living room by his parents, but we think he could be on his way to Hollywood soon enough. "Our mini Warbler loves to wear his suit day and night. Added bonus ... He also likes to perform all the songs that the Warblers from Glee sing and dance to," the video caption reads.

As of right now, the video has nearly 250,000 views and the numbers are climbing by the minute -- not too shabby for a debut. Hey Ryan Murphy, think Blaine needs a baby brother? We do. Someone get this kid a contract!

Watch the Mini Warbler Rock 'Teenage Dream'