Miranda Cosgrove likes to have a good time, but that doesn't mean sex, drugs, and rock and roll for this 17-year-old Nickelodeon star. In her new video, 'Dancing Crazy,' Cosgrove demonstrates how to have some good clean teenage fun.

Okay, admittedly, she does sneak out of the house to stay out all night with her friends, but Cosgrove's 'wild' night out is pretty toned down compared to some of her teen music peers. Hint: There are no red party cups or dance clubs in this one!

The iCarly star shows her sassy side in the video, as she's seen flirting with boys and busting into the school to have a dance party on the football field, before locking lips with her charming prince in the stands at midnight.

Cosgrove and her friends dance the night away and cruise the streets, but she's back in bed just in time to wake up for school. While it's a slippery slope, sneaking out of the house is better than never coming home in the first place -- and we love the happy-g0-lucky energy in her 'Dancing Crazy' video.

'Dancing Crazy' is the first single from the Cosgrove's upcoming EP, ‘High Maintenance,’ due March 15.

Watch the Miranda Cosgrove 'Dancing Crazy' Video