MLB playoffs, 1. Simon Cowell's 'X Factor,' 0.

The reality show will score a big fat goose egg in the ratings competition tonight, as the scheduled episode of the show has been tabled due to a rain delay in Detroit --- which caused the ALCS (American League Championship Series) game between the Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers to start about two hours late. Cowell is no match for Mother Nature.

The two-hour rain delay pushed Game 4 back from 4:19 to 6:32 PM. FOX reacted quickly and pulled 'X Factor' from the night's schedule faster than ESPN yanked Hank Williams Jr.'s Monday Night Football intro after his Obama/Hitler comments.

The two-hour episode of 'X Factor,' which sees the hopefuls traveling to judges home and meeting celebrity guest judge Rihanna, will now air tomorrow night instead, according to EW. And Thursday's ep will be pushed to Sunday, Oct. 16. If the rain keeps up tomorrow for Game 5, FOX execs might have to pull that ep, as well, creating a big headache in scheduling for the show down the road.