Cuban singer Monique Abbadie chose to sing Shakira's 'Loca' during the blind audition on 'The Voice' tonight (April 1.) It was brave of her to attempt a coach's song, but big risk means big reward. Her version impressed Shak, who said the singer went more aggressive on the verses, which was unexpected.

Abbadie comes from a traditional family, and her parents think she is chasing an unattainable dream, so there was extra pressure on her to go out there and kill it during her audition in order to prove to her doubtful (but supportive) parental units that she is on the right path.

She even showed a photo of herself with Shakira to Carson Daly before she took the stage. When she was a little girl, she met the pop superstar backstage at one of her concerts.

You can already see where this is going and where it went, right?

All four judges turned the big red chairs around, although B. Shelton was the very first, smashing his button from the opening note.

While the three judges that weren't Shakira made compelling arguments, Shelton cut everyone off at the pass, saying, "I picked you first ... but she's pickin' Shakira, so shut up." It was hilarious and it ended up being true. Since Shakira is Abbadie's idol, and is the artist that she most aspires to be like, she chose the Colombian dynamo.

It's a match made in 'The Voice' heaven.