Now we've heard of cat ladies, but what about dog ladies? As one of pop's most active animal lovers, Miley Cyrus could very well earn that title with the amount of puppies she's adopted/rescued over the years. The caring songstress is a huge advocate for animal rights in general, but she's especially head-over-heels for the pooches in her own personal pack. So, out of the five dogs that are in Miley's constant care, which one do you think is the most adorable?

We know, we know -- they're all so cute it's nearly impossible to decide! In the picture above, the puppy furthest to the left is the newest addition to Cyrus' family of canines. His name is Happy (he's reportedly a Rottweiler-beagle mix) and Miley adopted him after he was found in a dumpster outside of a Walmart store. It's a sad story, but now that Miley's got her mitts on him, he'll get nothing but love on a daily basis.

Beside Happy is Floyd, who Miley has had for a while. He is an Alaskan Klee Kai and is absolutely adorable. This blue-eyed beauty loves to go for runs with mama Miley! Next to Floyd is Ziggy, the English bulldog that Miley bought for her beau Liam Hemsworth for his birthday. Although Ziggy technically belongs to Hemsworth, Miley is like his surrogate mama, as she is constantly by his side and showering him with affection.

Last up are Miley's cutie pies Lila and Joey. Lila (pictured on the far right) appears to be Yorkshire terrier, while Joey seems to be some kind of Maltese mix. Lila and Joey are little love bugs, as they are constantly seen nuzzling up to Ms. Miley or showing their love for the other dogs in their clan. Just look at this picture of Happy and Joey spooning puppy style! It's almost too much cute to handle...

This is seriously one of the toughest decisions ever for us, but we want to know what you think anyways! Which of Miley's pooches is the cutest? Cast your vote below.

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