Nash Grier and the Jacks are back with a new video where they answer questions sent in to them by fans, and boy do they cover quite a bit of ground. From making up their own words (along with their respective meanings, of course) to naming what they like best about each other, it's a pretty extensive video that gives us a good amount of insight into the guys' lives.

One of the highlights? When asked what they dislike about each other, Jack Gilinsky finds it pretty difficult to pinpoint a quality about Nash that he's not so crazy about. At first he calls him 'nonchalant' but then realizes that can be a pretty decent quality to have. Eventually he settles on calling Nash 'manipulative,' but stresses that he really just means Nash can be insanely convincing when he wants to be.

Another highlight? Nash is asked by a fan to prank call the 17th person that exists in his contacts list. The 17th person just so happens to be none other than Austin Mahone, apparently. He gives Austin a call but, sadly, it goes right to voicemail. Austin texts him letting him know he's at the Usher show -- so their interaction is pretty short-lived, but still.

That's just a small mention of the stuff that's happening in this video. Be sure to check out the full thing above to see what the guys got up to!