Only 20 seconds (give or take) of Nathan Parrett's performance during the blind auditions of 'The Voice' were televised last Monday (Feb. 13), but he was still selected to be on coach Adam Levine's team. He turned in an awesome rendition of Steve Miller's classic rock gem 'The Joker.' From what we could tell and from his new coach's perspective, Parrett was no joke.

With his Bieber-like, side-swept and perfectly coiffed hair, he looked good and sounded good, too. Levine admitted to choosing him because he dug Parrett's "underdog" style. Guess we'll find out more about that as the season progresses, since we didn't really get to see much of his "underdog" style because he was only on the screen for a handful of seconds. We'll trust Levine's judgment on this one.

In his post-audition interview, Parrett said he was "blown away," "shocked" and "enamored" by the fact that he was selected by Levine, who had the chart-topping 2011 hit 'Moves Like Jagger' with his band Maroon 5 -- not to mention that Levine's student Javier Colon also took home the gold on Season 1 of 'The Voice.'

We want to see and hear more from this Parrett!

Watch Nathan Parrett's 'After the Auditon' Interview