Following rumors of One Direction fearing a brawl with the Wanted, fans of both U.K. imports went nuts.

While both camps denied there was an altercation -- with reports that the guys (except 1D's Louis Tomlinson) even hugged it out -- members of both groups are still on the media defensive. TMZ cameras caught up with the Wanted's Nathan Sykes, who reaffirmed that it's all love, not feuding, between the boy bands.

Sykes admitted he was "half asleep" as he hung out with his fans (something the Wanted is known for almost as much as their songs), but he was still lucid. When a TMZ staffer asked if everything was all good between the Wanted and One Direction, Sykes was nothing but earnest.

"We were rehearsing with them the other day," he began, "and we heard their band rehearsing and we were like, walking into the studio really embarrassingly singing the song their band was rehearsing to," he admitted. "Then we turned around and saw them sitting there, and we were like, 'Well, that was embarrassing!'"

Sykes went on to say that the bands greeted one another, but denied that they intimidated 1D. "We intimidate a lot of people," Sykes laughed, "but I don't think we intimidate other teenage boys." When asked if it was true that Liam Payne is extra frightened of the guys in the Wanted, Sykes laughed that off, too. "I was texting Liam earlier! We're all pals."

Sykes also revealed -- only because he was asked -- how much he thinks his skivvies would auction for on eBay.

Watch Nathan Sykes of the Wanted Talk About One Direction