When it comes to fashion, Ne-Yo is always looking dapper. While he's known for his stylish three-piece suits, his headgear is on-point, as well. So it makes sense for the 'Give Me Everything' singer to create his own line of hats.

As New York celebrates Fashion Week, Ne-Yo will launch his hat collection called Francis Alargo. "We're going to debut it at Fashion Week [at] Saks Fifth Avenue," he tells The Boombox. Information on the lids are secretive, but they should be every bit as cool and fashionable as the tunesmith himself.

Meanwhile, regarding Lindsay Lohan's slander lawsuit against Pitbull for 'Give Me Everything,' which Ne-Yo co-wrote, the singer wants no part of the legal wrangling. "She's not suing me and I haven't had a chance to speak with [Pitbull] about that, so I'm not even going to comment," he says. "I'ma leave that alone."

In other news, Ne-Yo has been added to the performer's list for the Michael Jackson Forever: Tribute Concert, which takes place in the U.K. on Oct. 8. The singer has some trepidations about his upcoming performance next month. "[I'm] scared out of my damn mind," he revealed to Capital FM. "They asked me to do a song that I know, but I don't know [the lyrics to it]. But it's gonna be good, I'm gonna pull it off, I know I am." We know, too. If anybody can channel the greatness of the King of Pop, it's Ne-Yo.