Neon Trees continue to prep their second album, they're giving fans a preview of the record with the release of the peppy new single 'Everybody Talks.'

After faking out listeners by opening with an abbreviated harmony reminiscent of '50s pop, the song opens up to reveal a sunny melody. Frontman Tyler Glenn describes himself as a "sorry sucker" who has to deal with a familiar problem: people who make life difficult by talking too much.

"It started with a whisper / And that was when I kissed her / And then she made my lips hurt," Glenn sings on the infectious chorus.

The lies and behind-his-back chatter from somebody's big mouth are really bumming him out. "I never thought I'd live to see the day when everybody's words got in the way," he laments.

We're betting a lot of people can relate to 'Everybody Talks.' The track hits iTunes on Dec. 20 and is set to appear on the band's still-untitled sophomore release, which arrives sometime in 2012. Their first album produced the hit single 'Animal,' which reached No. 1 on the Alternative chart and even got the 'Glee' treatment.

Listen to Neon Trees, 'Everybody Talks'