DJ/producer duo Nervo, comprised of two very lovely blond babes, have dropped their new single 'Hold On,' a paint-by-numbers EDM banger if there ever was one.

The song starts out slow, building up to the epic explosion and torrent of beats, drum and bass, which is tempered and softened by their breathy, celestial vocals.

Overall, 'Hold On' is a perfectly fine EDM track for the ears of those who live the genre, even if it doesn't stand out from anything else that populates an incredibly overcrowded and extremely popular genre right now.

It sounds like plenty of the tracks you'll hear blaring from the fitting rooms and sales floors at your local Abercrombie & Fitch retail outpost.

That said, the ladies do save the best for last, as the last 30-second breakdown reels you in.

It's a slick and beautifully produced song that's light on the "untz" but not exactly heavy on originality, either.

The best EDM crossover tracks have that epic, embeds-itself-in-your-cranium vocal hook -- like Swedish House Mafia's 'Don't You Worry Child' or David Guetta's 'Without You.' We're not exactly hearing that on 'Hold On.'

Who knows -- it might not be the ladies' intent to make a mainstream pop track. They could be happy camped out in the clubs and remaining relegated to the dancefloor. Nothing wrong with that, either.

Listen to Nervo 'Hold On'