Missouri pop rock band Never Shout Never are changing the future of music with their new album, 'Time Travel,' starting with the second single and music video with the same name.

For the most part, this powerful five-minute clip is simply the band against a black backing with white fireworks, ultimately letting the song speak for itself. Still, it's sucking, which may have been what they were going for, attempting to make an allusion to a black hole. Frontman Christopher Ingle keeps a poker face as he sings the follow-up single, his voice echoing in the emptiness as he shakes and rattles his guitar.

Despite its heaviness, this song would pair well with radio. Plus, the music video is pretty entertaining, albeit the song's monotonous sound. As the track progresses, flashes of color bang in as the band travels through space and time. The build up proves to be too much for the time machine itself, and it goes up in smoke in the end -- presumably leaving the group stuck in between time periods ...

'Time Travel,' the album, hit shelves on Sept. 20. 'Time Travel,' the song, follows 'Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway.'

Watch the Never Shout Never 'Time Travel' Video