It seems like Nick Jonas' 'Jealous' is everywhere -- including the 2014 Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Bundled up in a thick gray peacoat and warm black shirt, Nick looked flawless as he performed the track on the Royal Caribbean float. It seemed like rest of the people on the float, who were dressed like tourists on a cruise vacation, liked it as much as we did. They were totally rocking out!

Despite the very chilly temperatures in New York City, Nick didn't seemed fazed as he hit all of the high notes in 'Jealous.' (You've heard the song -- you know he works in some falsetto!) Even as a few snowflakes began to fall, Nick was totally relaxed as the crowd sang along.

Earlier that day, Nick told Al Roker that he'll be heading to Rhode Island later in the day to celebrate Thanksgiving with his girlfriend's family. We hope he enjoys the rest of his holiday!

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