We are seriously all for this era of Nick Jonas. He performed his current hit ‘Jealous’ on ‘The Voice’ tonight (Dec. 1) along with the Top 8 contestants and a gospel choir. Considering his previous performance of the song with a gospel choir is one of our favorite things to ever arrive on the Internet (obviously, considering we link it in nearly every Nick Jonas post that's come after it), we could not possibly be more thrilled with this version.

To be completely honest, we might like this version a little more than the previous version, but only because it’s the song in its entirety, whereas the other one is only a short snippet. Hey Nick, can you do us a favor and release this specific rendition of 'Jealous' so we can listen to it on repeat ad nauseam via our iTunes library? Because there are only so many times we can refresh these YouTube videos before it starts to get old.

Seriously, check out the video above and just try to tell us it isn’t bringing you to church. We’ll know you’re lying.

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