Nicki Minaj may not be expected to return for another season of 'American Idol' because of her demanding, diva nature, but she truly believes she's doing a good job on the show. (We do, too!)

Minaj is responding to criticism from viewers who think she's too mean or too kooky with the contestants in a big way: She thinks she's doing the best job she can and regrets nothing. When asked about her best and worst moments on the show, the Harajuku Barbie got sassy.

"My best and worst 'Idol' moments? I don’t have a worst 'Idol' moment," she said firmly. "I've been spectacular. Yes, I am going to toot my own horn. And then my best moment is every single moment. I’ll toot it again!"

The 'Freedom' MC revealed that she was actually worried about not being nice enough and garnering the very fan fury she's facing right now.

"I had a lot of anxiety. I felt like, ‘Okay, I know everybody’s just going to hate me,'" she admitted of her attitude before Season 12 started airing. "There were moments in the audition process that I would say to the producers, ‘I can’t do this anymore. If everyone is going to give a good critique and I’m going to be the only one being honest, then America is going to hate me. I’m going to be seen as mean,’" she explained. "And the producers said, ‘Nicki, trust us, America is going to appreciate the honesty.’ And that’s all I had to go on."

PopCrush appreciates the honesty -- but Mariah Carey may not.

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