Nicki Minaj has zoomed past Eminem to become the most-followed hip-hop artist on Twitter. As of this morning, the 'Pink Friday' rapper has 8,293,727 followers, surpassing Slim Shady's total of 8,271,668. reported that Minaj took over the hip-hop crown on Twitter in the first few days of January, and her lead has been slowly expanding ever since. Part of the reason for her appeal may be that she updates often. She has tweeted 9,547 times since joining the site, while Eminem has sent just 175 tweets into the world, often tweeting as little as once a month.

According to the latest Twitter counts, Minaj is now the 9th most-followed musician on Twitter. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, with 17.8  million and 16.2 million followers, respectively, are still well ahead of the pack. If Minaj keeps climbing the ladder, the next artist she'll catch is Selena Gomez, who has 9.5 million followers.

Minaj figures to continue to grow her fanbase when she releases her sophomore album 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' on Valentine's Day. She said, "I'm having fun recording ‘Roman Reloaded’ because I’m just letting loose and I’m not over-thinking things anymore."