'Roman Reloaded' got reloaded again as a deluxe edition -- and now we can see the cover art for it! Nicki Minaj revealed the deluxe edition cover art for 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,' and it's a bit of a reworking on the original.

Whereas the original featured Minaj with flawless hair and a crazed look in her eyes, the deluxe edition shows Minaj in the  familiar paint and blonde wig, but with a much more mannequin-like appearance -- and a much messier mane. We see more of the Harajuku Barbie in this shot, which showcases her voluptuous torso as well as her mug, whereas in the original, she was shot from the shoulders up.

Her face is both pinkish and pale, and she gazes directly into the camera with her big, wide eyes (does anyone else think her eye looks a bit Photoshopped?). Her makeup looks a little different from the original, with more graphic, dark eyeliner extending all the way to her temples and differently placed paint splatters. She's really embracing the whole Barbie motif!

It's a look the world has come to expect from Minaj, who's almost as famous for her bodacious curves and bright wigs as she is for her fierce rhymes and melodic, spitfire cadence.

Minaj so far has confirmed three songs that will appear on 'Roman Reloaded.' The title track (featuring Lil Wayne), the Top 40-friendly 'Starships' and the vitriolic 'Stupid H–' are all slated to be included on the April 3 release.

Do you like the 'Roman Reloaded' deluxe edition art? Do you prefer it to the original? Let us know in the comments!