Which would you rather hear-- a tribute to dudes with booming systems or a tribute to guys with strong Christian values? Thanks to University of Florida student Raychel Manko, now you can hear both.

Manko first performed 'Super Grace,' a parody of Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass' at Skit Night 2011, an event sponsored by Christian Greek organizations at UF. It's about a Christian girl's appreciation for the God-loving men in her life, and her patient wait for a sign from God. It's already getting a following on and off the U.F. campus.

In a music video for 'Super Grace' that debuted -- appropriately -- on Christmas, Manko wears a bright blue wig (an ode, no doubt, to the Harajuku Barbie's hair identity crisis), and preaches lines like "This one is for the boys with the Bibles / Trustin’ in the Lord through all his trials," (the lyrics can be found on her blog) before joining her girls in the pews for some spunky moves. Whoever said Christian girls can't get down is dead wrong.

The video has begun to make the rounds, and we're taking bets on how soon it goes viral. Nicki, care to make a wager?

Watch 'Super Grace' Parody of 'Super Bass'