Nicki Minaj unveiled something crazy exciting for her fans tonight (Dec. 19). In conjunction with the release of her latest album ‘The Pinkprint,’ she released a 16-minute long mini-movie comprised of different parts, all relating back to her album tracks. And yes, it totally rules.

Part I, called ‘The Crying Game,’ shows Nicki appropriately singing along to her track ‘The Crying Game’ — because what else would she be singing along to? Nicki is seen driving away from a man, crying. It’s an emotional video, and we seriously love the vulnerable side we’ve been getting from Nicki this era.

Then, in a sudden turn of events, Nicki gets into a car accident. It’s a totally jarring moment that we definitely didn’t expect. Part II kicks in, called ‘I Lied’ — and has Nicki waking up from the car accident in a car with the man who picked her up. There’s way more to the story, but we don’t want to spoil it for you because the way it unfolds is totally killer.

It’s an awesome visual that goes along with the album perfectly, and since there’s no possible way we could do it justice we implore you to hit play on the video above and check it out for yourself. Once you watch the entire thing, let us know how you feel! Do you totally love it? Want more? We want to know!

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