Chalk it up to the voice insider her head! That's why Nicki Minaj 86ed her Twitter account earlier this week. Minaj, who had impressively amassed 11 million followers, shut down her Twitter feed reportedly due to anger over legally leaked music.

She spoke about the Twitter moratorium on 'The Graham Norton Show' while in England this week, hinting that she may be making a grand return to the 140-character social networking site, as PopCrush predicted.

According to Rap-Up, Minaj said, "A voice in my head told me to delete my Twitter and that’s what I did." She continued, "I had 11 million followers and I hope they will wait for me." Something tells us they will, Nicki. She mused about a potential return to tweeting, saying, “I don’t know yet, I’m thinking about it. I miss my Barbz, please bear with me.”

Why don't all the Barbz start a campaign to make "Get Nicki Minaj to Return to Twitter" a trending topic?

In a separate interview, she spoke about how Simon Cowell contacted her regarding the open 'X Factor' judging spots, one of which may go to her last summer tourmate Britney Spears. Minaj, who is gearing up to launch a perfume, said, "Well, I don't think we can talk about that" in a British accent. She then said, "We both decided together that it wouldn't work out. I think it was the best decision."

Minaj, wearing a green bobbed wig, extreme black winged eyeliner, and black bra top with gold grommets, also dished about her outrageous style and wigs, saying, "I have my glam squad and I have people that are going shopping and get me the best things in all the land. Then I sift through stuff. Usually it's pretty quick. I find something that catches my eye."

She also shared that all of her wigs are stored on mannequin heads and the heads have names.
There's Ashley, Barbara, Carla, Davina, to name a few.

Oh Nicki, why are you so darn cute?

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