Singer-songwriter Nikki Jean plays with letters and words in a new lyric video she created herself for her song 'My Love.'

"I hope you love it. I made it myself. Check it out!," she writes on YouTube. The video features a few shots of her at the piano, but mostly it consists of still images of the song's lyrics. The words are spelled out in very unusual ways, created with Scrabble tiles, colored chalk on the sidewalk, letter tiles on a refrigerator, pennies, colored candy pieces, grains of rice and kernels of corn.

It's a fun video for a fun soul-pop song in which Jean sings about being love-drunk over a special someone: "My love, nothing but the best for you / That's why I'm givin' you my love / Nothing less, you know it's true / When I lay me down to sleep / I pray that you'll forever be my love."

Jean is a rising star from Minnesota who hooked up with Lupe Fiasco in 2008, singing on his song 'Hip-Hop Saved My Life.' Jean temporarily took over Fiasco's Twitter account this summer to help promote her album 'Pennies in a Jar.'

Watch the Nikki Jean Lyric Video for 'My Love'