A visibly embarrassed and good-humored Olivia Wilde addressed her tweet heat with Justin Bieber and his fans after she "yelled" at the singer on Twitter for going shirtless in London, telling him to put his "f---ing shirt on."

It inspired a Twitter nation of Beliebers to start ripping into Wilde for daring to "attack" their hero. So, Wilde decided to set the record straight with Jay Leno on late night TV.

"Justin Bieber went out without his shirt on and it was in London and it is so cold there, so I was concerned," Wilde told Jay Leno as a guest on 'The Tonight Show.' She said she has a brother who is 19 and in London, so she told The Biebs the same thing she'd have said to him. The actress insists it came from a place of love.

"So I told Justin Bieber 'Put you f---ing shirt on.' I said it with love," Wilde stated. Was her tongue tucked firmly in her cheek? We can't quite tell.

She revealed she got a lot of "interesting 'feedback' from his fans…like 35 million people. They had some really great notes."

"It was friendly advice," she said, proceeding to read some of the responsorial hate tweets from the Belieber nation.

They asked "Are you a lesbian or are you too old?"

They also said, "Put your shirt over your mouth," to which Wilde replied, "I am assuming [it] is a Shakesperian insult. They also said, 'B---,' -- that's me -- 'you're not his mother.' There are about 17,000 others but they have too many expletives to say on your show."

Ya hear that Biebs? That sexy babe Olivia Wilde loves you and didn't want you getting sick from running around London without a shirt while there is a chill in the air.

Is this beef squashed and buried? We think so.