While the Olympic Games in London continue to fascinate the world, British singer Olly Murs is staging the Olly-mpics, a series of lighthearted athletic challenges against members of his band. After coming up short in table tennis and a wheelbarrow race but earning a victory in the shot put, Murs tries his hand at a sack race in the fourth installment of the Olly-mpics, which premieres exclusively today on PopCrush.

The sack race is not an official Olympic event, of course, but it is a popular picnic game. If you ever see Murs at a local picnic in your area, look out, because he totally dominates this event, moving in front of his challenger Paul early in the race and hopping his way to the gold medal.

Despite what viewers may have seen in his 'Heart Skips a Beat' video, Murs is a good athlete and competitive guy, having played semi-pro soccer in England, so he definitely does not want to lose his personal Olympic challenge. His sack race triumph evens the score at 2-2 after four events.

Fans can follow the rest of the Olly-mpics on the singer's official website at ollymurs.com and can suggest a sport for him to tackle by using the #ollympics hashtag on Twitter.

Murs, who was the runner-up on the British version of 'X Factor' three years ago, will release his U.S. debut 'In Case You Didn't Know' in Sept. 25. He told PopCrush he's had a blast touring with One Direction and is looking forward to winning over American fans, saying, "I’m here to enjoy myself. I love traveling the world. I’d love my music to be heard in the States. If it works, if it’s a success, then amazing, that’s incredible."