One Direction have probably garnered enough frequent flier miles to get them to Jupiter and back if they wanted, but the one place they're all looking forward to going this holiday season? Home -- and shopping.

“It’s the Christmas dinner,” Harry gushed to Parade. “You go in hard. Then about 7:00, watching a film, you make a turkey sandwich.” Niall Horan doesn't just get excited for the food -- he's stoked for the drinks, too. “I’ll probably go home to Ireland and do the same thing as every year: drink, eat, and sleep a lot. Just chill out, become fat. We always go to the pub on Christmas Eve.”

As for gifts, the boys have given some pretty big ones before the holiday season was even on their minds. Zayn Malik and Harry each bought houses for their folks. “Now that we have a bit of money, it is nice to get gifts for people,” Zayn said. “Before I was getting and not really giving.” Awww!

One thing Zayn won't be giving his folks this year? A miniature version of him. “My little cousin might get a few dolls,” Zayn laughed. “But I don’t think my mum would be too happy with a doll of me for Christmas.”

The guys also revealed that they don't really shop for each other at all. Liam Payne explained, “I don’t think we’ve ever bought each other a Christmas present. If it’s somebody’s birthday, I have to arrange the present -- always late because I’m a bit lazy. I’m not about to become the Christmas Man as well. That’s too many jobs!”

How do they pick stuff out when they finally decide on a prezzie? You probably are more likely to find Hazza in particular at the mall than on Amazon. "It’s nice to go and pick out stuff rather than doing it online,” Harry said, with his BFF Louis Tomlinson concurring, "I do a bit of both. I prefer to go out, but it’s finding the time and the motivation, because [when] we've got time off it’s nice to do nothing.”

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