When you're young, adorable and famous, Valentine's Day should be a breeze, right? Not necessarily! The cute blokes in One Direction dished on their Feb. 14 plans -- and who they'd want to spend it with!

Niall Horan admitted that he doesn't have a Valentine, but that after playing themselves on 'iCarly,' his dream Valentine is none other than Miranda Cosgrove (lucky gal!). Liam Payne was coy as to whether or not he has a Valentine this year, but dished that Kim Kardashian has that 'One Thing' he's looking for -- to the laughter and scoffing of his bandmates. Zayn Malik was the toughest nut to crack, only saying, "Maybe I have a Valentine, maybe I don't."

Harry Styles had the most surprising Valentine: bandmate Louis Tomlinson! "You're quite cute," Styles told Tomlinson. Did Tomlinson return Styles' brotherly affections? Sort of. He told Cambio, "Looks like my Valentine is Harry. I don't have a choice!"

The band will be spending their Valentines Day in the most romantic city in the world, Paris! "The city of loooove," Malik said. "We should all go for dinner together!" We bet a whole lot of young ladies would love to join them. Hopefully Kim and Miranda are free!

Watch One Direction Talk About Valentine's Day