One Direction brought both their cuteness and their crazy catchy smash hit single 'Live While We're Young' to the 'X Factor Italy' stage, capturing the fun and upbeat energy of the song for the small screen. And of course for Italian Directioners.

While we're sort of jealous that the Italian edition of the reality show that spawned their career got to play host to the boys performing, we're hoping and praying that Simon Cowell works his magic and exploits his influence over the boys for the American edition and books them to perform before the finale in December. It's only fair, right?

But as for this perf, the boys even did the circle dance with their arms – you know, when they make circles with their arms while their hands are clasped in front of them, a move they bust in the video. That's like our favorite part of the official music video and we damn near squealed and woke the neighbors upon seeing them re-enact it on stage. It's so cute.

Lots of viewers commented on Zayn Malik's use of eyeliner in this clip. We didn't quite see him as guylinered out, but we love the blond streak in the front of his hair regardless.

We're also glad to see another performance of the song besides the video and the 1DB commercial.