A can of Pepsi was all New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees needed to give One Direction in order to become a member of the band! That's the true power of cola.

In this hilarious commercial, 1D and Brees, who formed 1DB in the previous teaser, are guests on the fictional 'The Next Night Show.' Cutie Harry Styles grabs the last can of Pepsi from the green room just as Brees is going for it.

Ut oh. It's a stand off.

"Come on kid, I'm Drew Brees," the Super Bowl winning MVP states.

Young Styles is not deterred. "And I'm Harry," he counters.

Brees is not a 13-year-old girl so he has no idea who Styles is. Therefore, the young British lad calls in reinforcements, aka the rest of 1D, who are the cover boys for the November issue of Seventeen.

It becomes a battle of who's bigger. Platinum album vs. a Super Bowl ring. A Billboard magazine cover vs. an MVP trophy. Screaming girls vs. testosterone-amped football fans. It's a dead heat on who is the bigger cultural force.

Niall Horan barters with Brees, offering him a role in the band if he just gives up the soft drink. It works, as the spot ends with Brees signing 'Live While We're Young' as the sixth member of 1D, while decidedly unable to carry a tune.


Directioners, whatta ya think of Drew Brees, the newest member of 1D?