You know you've arrived when you can get a tattoo artist to make a house call. Or as was the case for One Direction cuties Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, a "hotel" call.

Tattoo artist John Bahel shared photos of himself in the process of inking Tomlinson and Malik at the Trump International in NYC.

The 1D boys have been collecting tattoos with increasing frequency. Band member Harry Styles got inked while in L.A. last month.

Bahel posted an update with his photos, making sure to let people know his hygiene standards were second to none. He also said he made an exception for 1D by coming to them.

Well, like, duh! Who wouldn't?

Bahel will certainly gain more notoriety as the dude who inked Louis and Zayn, two of the most famous young men on the planet. Plus, it would have been tough to tattoo the boys at a shop, since Directioners are always hot on their trail.

Below is Bahel's disclaimer.

I usually don't make house calls but made an exception for #onedirection #zaynmalik #louistomlinson and before this s--- storm starts, yes I am professionally trained and licensed and abided by all cross contamination and sterilization standards.

The boys have been making their presence known while in the Big Apple -- from Tomlinson being hassled by the cops for filming himself while popping out of his SUV's sunroof to the deafening buzz generated by Styles' romance with Taylor Swift (the two have been holding hands and showing off their love on a nightly basis) to a sold out show at Madison Square Garden, the world's most famous arena. That's what we call living while you're young.

1D came, saw and conquered Manhattan, making it their "rhymes-with-itch!"


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