Have One Direction parted ways with their management team, Modest Management? Directioners have been trending #1DisFinallyFreeFromModest all day, but we're not so sure this is exactly the case.

According to the Metro, the frenzy all started when Louis removed the mention of Modest from his Twitter bio. Then, One Direction fans started reporting that the company took One Direction off of its website — which then lead to the whole site crashing as the Directioners were visiting it in droves.

While Modest have yet to make any statement about the possible split, Now Magazine reports that One Direction's publicist told them that the rumor is false:

Still, fans have pretty much been rejoicing in the proverbial Twitter streets, trending #1DisFinallyFreeFromModest and freaking the freak out (from happiness) all over social media.

As we previously reported, some fans even attempted to buy the band from Modest, believing that the management was the reason behind Zayn's departure from the group, claiming that it was management who are to blame for his "stress" and the guys' grueling schedules. (Some Larry shippers even think that the company is trying to hide the "truth" behind Harry and Louis' relationship, but that's a conspiracy theory for a different day.)

While we're going to wait for an official statement from the band or management before ruling on this one, we're eager to see what the outcome will be — and what will happen if 1D, have, in fact, left Modest.

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