Look out on those sidewalks! Just kidding. One Direction hunk Niall Horan has passed his driver's test and will be a licensed driver. Woot woot.

His 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter to issue a big, huge congrats to Horan, saying that he "smashed it" when he took the test.

If you notice in the 'Kiss You' video, it's Tomlinson who is in the driver's seat, while tattoo virgin Horan rides sidecar and does all sorts of silly dances. It was probably purely coincidental, but art was imitating life there, since Horan wasn't licensed to drive. Now Horan is the proud owner of a driver's license and can cruise around as he wishes, in real life or in a video!

What's next, besides some joyrides and designated driver status? Well, Horan is going to have to get himself a snazzy set of wheels. We are curious as to what type of vehicle he will plunk down some coin on. What good is a driver's license without a car, right?

Congrats, Niall. You've just gone through a major rite of passage.

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