They're musical, adorable and hilarious. Is there anything One Direction can't do?

The band not only performed 'What Makes You Beautiful' and 'One Thing' on 'Saturday Night Live' last night (April 7), they also acted in the sketch comedy staple -- something they hinted at in a recent interview.

In a 'Manuel Ortiz Show' on the faux Television Dominicana network, host Ortiz helped a character named Yolanda (played by the night's hostess, Sofia Vergara) find her birth mother. Kristen Wiig played Yolanda's incarcerated mother, who then left to eat her prison pizza ... only to return to reveal that she's having an affair with Yolanda's husband, played by Bill Hader. (Are you following all this?)

When Yolanda asks her husband, "What about our children?" host Ortiz brings them out: They're One Direction! The U.K. cuties donned wigs and fake facial hair, dancing onto the stage. "Children, children!" Yolanda cried. "Your father is sleeping with your grandmother!"

The boys replied, "Gross!" in unison, then went back to dancing. Cute!

April 7 was a huge day for One Direction. The boys' ‘iCarly’ episode, ‘iGo One Direction,’ premiered on Nickelodeon ... and they made history once more, selling out a little old place called Madison Square Garden in under 60 seconds.

Check out their skit and performances below -- and look out for Zayn Malik poking Harry Styles' dimples during 'One Thing.' Too precious!

Watch One Direction on 'The Manuel Ortiz Show' on 'Saturday Night Live'

Watch One Direction Perform 'What Makes You Beautiful' on 'Saturday Night Live'

Watch One Direction Perform 'One Thing' on 'Saturday Night Live'