One Direction's fashion moments are memorialized in a number of trends from over the years: Zayn Malik's blond quiff, the tight pastel polos, Louis Tomlinson's penchant for stripes, Harry Styles' hats. There's no doubt the boys dabbled in a variety of "styles." (Sorry, we couldn't resist.) One mainstay throughout the course of their career is the constant presence of scarves.

The accessory has been draped over the necks of various band members ever since Harry first auditioned for the show in 2010. Since then, the neckwear has been spotted on the red carpet, during performances and in music videos. Liam Payne even removes his to give to his date in "Night Changes."

Given that scarves are pretty much the sixth member of One Direction, we decided to honor their impact in the band, courtesy of a gallery. Relive 1D's best scarf moments in the pics above!

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