All good things must come to an end. It looks like One Direction have parted ways with their long-time tour manager and body guard, Paul Higgins — and it’s something we certainly didn't see coming.

Every Directioner who’s been around from the early, flat-ironed days of One Direction’s youth knows who Paul is. The boys came to refer to him as their tour dad, and they even made an appearance at his wedding. So Paul’s departure comes as a total shock, especially since no one seems to know exactly what happened.

According to a source at the Mirror, it looks like things haven’t been great behind closed doors for a while: "There have been issues behind the scenes for a while, and they’ve finally come to a head leading to Paul‘s relationship with the band coming to an end.” The source goes on to say, "In many ways he has completely run the show while they’ve been on tour – they even call him Daddy. He became a friend as well as a key part of their management set-up.”

Whatever the reason, we hope they split on amicable terms and wish the best for everyone involved!

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