Oh you fancy, huh?! The boys of One Direction are flying style on their 110-city Take Me Home world tour and the words "economy class" are not part of the equation. The boys have dubbed their brand new ride... wait for it... Air Force One Direction! Clever!

The price tag for the jet is running the 1Ders about $4.4 million, while their tour mates 5 Seconds to Summer will be traveling with the common folk. According to SugarScape, when Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam were zipping over to Dublin in their very own plane, their opening act hitched a ride on a ferry for $45 a person. Looks like not everyone on this tour will be living in the lap of luxury! We kid, we kid. Since the plane is probably a charter, there probably isn't enough room for both bands and their management. Don't worry, 5 Seconds to Summer, the day will come when you guys can fly around on your very own jet!

The guys tour seems to be smooth sailing as of right now (much smoother than Justin Bieber's tour) with a few bumps in the road, notably Niall and Zayn getting weepy on stage and Harry getting a shoe to the crotch. We mustn't forget the boys off stage antics either! Video surfaced yesterday of Louis Tomlinson giving KFC customers a show by pantsing his band mate Niall. Boys will be boys!

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