One Direction have announced the title of their upcoming, Morgan Spurlock-directed 3D film, and no, it's not '1D3D,' as Directioners and the band have taken to calling it. Instead, it has a much more anti-climactic title…

…and it's 'This Is Us.'

'This Is Us?' Really?

It's a bit lackluster and we're shocked that Niall or Harry or Zayn or Liam or Louis couldn't have come up with something a little flashier or snazzier for the title of their first film, which is reportedly going to be Taylor Swift-less at Harry Styles' behest.

The boys tweeted the good news along with the graphic above. Perhaps there is some beauty in the simplicity of the title. Could the boys be telling fans that this film will show them who and what 1D is, in all its glory? No airs and no pretenses?

Okay, yeah, that makes sense as a possibility. But we still like '1D3D' better. It just… fits.

PopCrushers and Directioners, tell us what you think of the title of the 1D film, due out this summer. Is it a bit boring or is it perfect, like everything the boys do?

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