Now we know One Direction have really made it. The record-shattering British boy band are releasing a fragrance!

Marie Claire reports that 1D will pin their band name on a fragrance aimed at their mostly-youthful fanbase. It's said to feature floral notes and will smell sweet -- think more along the lines of Justin Bieber's Someday and Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck than, say, Lady Gaga's Fame.

Other details are scant (maybe it will be a mysterious scent?), with a source revealing only, ‘One Direction are working on releasing a scent, it’s all super secret right now. It’s going to be a sweet scent, definitely floral too. There will only be one box based on the short production time, so there won’t be different options as there are with the JLS version. All other details are under lock and key, but it’s due on shelves July 2013."

It's only the latest in a slew of high-grossing deals that One Direction have snagged since their meteoric rise on the charts and in our hearts. They recently released a Pepsi commercial with New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees, in addition to working on a 3D film, numerous television appearances, a book and even a cartoon. Add that to their sold out tours and their merch, which ranges from T-shirts to dolls (Harry Styles is the best seller), and it's no wondering they're worth close to $100 million.

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