Could One Direction already be working on their third album? One of their producers confirms he recorded new music with the guys recently.

"I was just with them last week in London — hanging out, working on a few new things," producer Julian Bunetta told MTV. "I can't really say, but it's gonna be pretty cool... I mean, obviously we're working on new music but they didn't say what the new music is for. It might be for nothing. It might only be for my ears ... or, it might be something that gets put out for the world to hear."

The boys of 1D worked with Bunetta on their charity cover of Blondie's 'One Way or Another' and multiple tracks on 'Take Me Home.' Bunetta added, "They are very professional, they know how to get the job done, they know when it's time to really focus and get down to business. But that being said, it's never a stale atmosphere. It's always fun. We're always having a laugh."

One Direction's massive world tour kicks off on Feb. 23 and runs through November, leaving them little time to put together a new album anytime soon. That makes it unlikely that the follow-up to 'Take Me Home' will arrive before 2014.

Would the guys really want to make their loyal Directioners go without new music for an entire year? Probably not. We're betting some of this new music gets released somehow, perhaps in the form of a promotional single or a song on a movie soundtrack.