While Beyonce took some heat over her lip-synced national anthem at the second Obama inauguration in January, we all know she can sing her face off. One Direction's Zayn Malik understands the power of Bey and even belts out her songs in the shower since that's the only place he can attempt to go that high. Ladies and gents, may we present you with Zayonce?

"I love singing in the shower," the 1D hunk told The Daily Mirror (via Now). "You always think you are better than you actually are because of the echo, so that is the only place to try and sing a Beyonce song."

We just got a visual of Malik, all sudsed up, soaking went and soapy, with his hair in a shampoo mohawk, ripping through a few bars of 'Single Ladies' or 'Halo.' We know the Directioners are stuck on the idea of Zayn in the shower and haven't even processed the Bey part yet.

What Bey song would you like to hear Zayn croon while getting all washed up? Keep it clean, PopCrushers. No pun intended.

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