Owl City -- the musical brainchild of lone member Adam Young -- hasn't released a new single since Oct. 2011. So, fans will be happy to hear that not only is he prepping a new album, but he's already dropped the lead single, 'Shooting Star.' And guess what? We've got an exclusive look at the 'Shooting Star' lyric video for your viewing/listening pleasure.

Opening with a loop of dreamy, high and low digital blips, the intro of 'Shooting Star' has a sound reminiscent of the Postal Service's hit 'Such Great Heights.' Adam Young's soft, breathy vocals kick in (which also sound a bit Ben Gibbard-esque but with more pop appeal) during the verses, but grows in strength and power as the chorus of 'Shooting Star' rolls around.

Like the song itself, the 'Shooting Star' lyric video has an ethereal, spacey quality. The video includes a montage of twinkling stars, swirling beams of light, bright nebulas, and atmospheric clouds. In quick flashes, Young reveals the lyrics to the loving song:

"When the sun goes down, and the lights burn out /  Then it's time for you to shine / Brighter than the shooting star / So shine no matter where you are / Fill the darkest night, with a brilliant light / Cause it's time for you to shine / Brighter than a shooting star / So shine no matter where you are, tonight."

Stay tuned for more updates on Owl City's latest, still-in-the-works LP. In the meantime, head over to iTunes or Amazon to download the 'Shooting Star' single, and check out the lyric video below!

Watch the Owl City 'Shooting Star' Lyric Video