Tonight on 'The Voice,' it seemed every contestant with a sob story was getting cut from the competition. When Pamela Rose, a beautiful 20-something songstress, walked onto the NBC set, she teared up while talking about how overjoyed she was to have her mother with her. Rose didn't get to see much of her mother when she was younger, since she was constantly working to support her and her sister. She said, "[My mother] gave her life for my sister and I. It makes this experience that much more amazing."

It's too bad for Rose that this wasn't a beauty competition, because the stunning songstress failed to impress with her vocal performance. As she performed a pitchy rendition of Kelly Clarkson's 'Already Gone,' Rose didn't really astound 'The Voice' judges (or us) with her less-than-stellar voice. It's not that she was bad, but she definitely didn't stand out in comparison to the other talent the judges have recruited for their teams.

When she finished singing, the four judges turned around, and you could immediately tell that the guys were having "Oh crap" moments at the sight of Ms. Rose. Adam Levine confirmed our suspicions when he said, "Cee Lo's killing himself right now." Green agreed, saying, "I'm very disappointed." Levine and Christina Aguilera then elaborated on why they didn't turn around, saying she had pitch issues. Rose took the critiques like a true professional though, and managed to stay positive despite fighting back some tears backstage.