Aside from ANTI, which we all know is an elaborate ruse and will never actually be coming out ever, there is no other endlessly delayed record that feels more hopelessly anticipated (and necessary) than that of Paris Hilton.

One full decade after the release of her pop debut Paris, and the eternally fierce real estate entrepreneur-slash-DJ-slash-fashion designer has yet to make good on her promise of her club music-inspired follow-up.

We've had sprinklings of what's to come over the past years: 2013's party anthem "Good Time," 2014's "Come Alive," last year's trance-tastic "Never Be Alone" and the dark, pulsing "High Off My Love."

The latest evidence of her impending dance floor brilliance? "Crazy," a collaboration with DJ Poet (who also produced "Never Be Alone") and Black Eyed Peas member Taboo's son, Joshua Gomez.

Three months ago, DJ Poet posted a "Minimal House Fusion" remix of the song. Although the mix is supremely messy, there's still plenty of promise hidden underneath the weird, overproduced pulsations. (The mix is anything but "minimal.")

"One of my Fav new Songs thats not for sale , attached to any album or for myself. It is my fav random new song that everyone is feelin and the rest of the world just has to hear this one because the biatch got skills and the track is on some next new level shiz (Joshua Gomez son of Taboo from the Peas coproduced this bad boy with me hes a beast!) plus its for the people who just want some dope new music," he wrote in the description before directing his attention to the vocalist: "oh yeah Paris I havent heard from you since my # changed so I think your texting someone else , or a hacker is doing something funny, get at me asap some how jk but not really lol," he wrote.

Crazy for you... ✨❤️💛💚💙💜✨

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Whether Paris got back in touch with DJ Poet is still unclear, but yesterday, the multihyphenate superstar posted a snippet of a song on Instagram that sounds much more clean and polished. Does a final, un-remixed version of "Crazy" exist after all?

Princess Paris, please hear our pleas: Drop this dope track — and the whole album, while you're at it.

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