Just days after Patrick Schwarzenegger denied cheating on Miley Cyrus, it looks like P. Schwarz may have a little more explaining to do.

TMZ, the site that first published photos of Patrick doing body shots off of his friend's girlfriend earlier this week, have now published pictures of Patrick chatting it up with his ex-girlfriend while in Mexico. (The site reports that the recent pics "surfaced" the same day as the other ones.)

While the vacation photos don't exactly show anything incriminating, they do appear to portray Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's son getting a little too flirtatious with his supposed ex, Taylor Burns. The snaps portray the two clad in bathing suits and chatting it up on spring break. Of particular interest are the multiple shots of the girl in question rubbing sunscreen on Patrick's back. There are also photos of her jokingly stealing Patrick's hat. You can see the photos over on TMZ.

After the first round of photos emerged, Patrick denied the cheating rumors on Twitter, writing:

For her part, Miley — who hasn't tweeted since February — has stayed silent on the rumors and instead made a surprise cameo appearance at SXSW in Austin on Thursday night (March 19).

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