Patrick Stump has premiered his first video as a solo artist for his single 'This City,' which also features rapper Lupe Fiasco. 'This City' -- which was supposedly filmed in Glendale, Calif. and not Stump's hometown of Chicago -- marks the first single off of Stump's debut solo album, 'Soul Punk,' which is slated for release on Oct. 18.

While watching the 'This City' video, you may surprised by the scarcity of city shots, although there are a few quick black and white glimpses of Stump walking around a bustling metropolis. Most of the fast-paced video consists of Stump singing and dancing as bright lights flash and colorful imagery rolls across the screen.

Just like the cover art of Stump's 'Soul Punk' LP, there is a hint of new wave artistry present in the video. As Stump belts out the lyrics to 'This City -- while wearing a black and white suit complete with '80s-esque shoulder pads and a bowtie -- watery shades of blue and black flow into the shot, with Stump's silhouette taking on a variety of patterns, including fire and pulsing neon colors.

Speaking to MTV, Stump explained the premise behind his 'This City' video, which is more of a metaphoric interpretation of the song's lyrics. "I feel like those images are already there; it would be kind of redundant to take a camera into a city; It's almost like the colors and the lights and the images that are going to be around this are going to be representing the life in a city," Stump told MTV.

We can't help but think Stump's video is kind of like a modern-day (and less cheesy) version of Michael Jackson's 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough,' with Stump himself taking center stage as a variety colors and random patterns light up the room in which he is placed. On a side note, it is refreshing to see Stump truly enjoying himself as he dances around, opposed to his days back in Fall Out Boy when he would be stuck behind a mic stand and guitar.

Watch the Patrick Stump 'This City' Video Featuring Lupe Fiasco