The race for Prom Queen isn't always about popularity, but how awesome and inspiring you are to others around you. Take for instance, former 'X Factor' contestant Perrie Edwards of the funky girl group Little Mix, and up-and-coming rapper Becky G, who first made a name for herself by posting videos through YouTube. So, in the world of pop music, who would be crowned your PopCrush Prom Queen? Perrie or Becky?

Edwards, 19, isn't just known for her own stellar music career -- her group is really taking off in her homeland of the U.K. as well as the U.S., thanks to their super tight and catchy songs like 'Wings' and 'How Ya Doin'' with hip-hop legend Missy Elliott -- but also for being the girlfriend of One Direction's Zayn Malik. Their relationship is so sweet, and you can tell that Edwards has remained grounded through it all.

Becky G is also quite down-to-earth about her newfound fame, with her most recent song release 'Becky From the Block' paying tribute to her hometown of Inglewood, Calif. She is always talking about her big, loving family, and stays humble in the whirlwind that comes with a life in the spotlight. And at only 16, the rapper has been a huge source of influence for other youngsters hoping to hit it big in the music industry.

Who wins your vote in this round of PopCrush Prom Queen voting? Perrie or Becky? You can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Saturday, May 4th, at 11:59 PM ET. The winner will go on to face a new competitor in the second round of voting!