Tonight on 'American Idol,' Phillip Phillips stood upon the stage with his guitar in hand to perform a rendition of Phil Collins' 'In the Air Tonight.' However, before he blew away the audience and judges with his slowed-down rendition, we got to know the 21-year-old Georgian a little better. He's really a family-oriented guy who was sad to leave his mom and sisters behind, and who also felt uncomfortable filming himself. How cute is he?

Although Phillips doesn't look very rough-around-the-edges, his voice is just that. Phillips strummed his guitar while performing 'In the Air Tonight' is a slower tempo, with almost a jazzy rock flair to his sound. His gravelly voice is really powerful, and despite a couple of "off" moments (we agree with Randy Jackson that the "reharm of the melody" wasn't fantastic), there is no denying that this guy has raw talent.

Jackson also said that Phillips reminded him of Dave Matthews, which we can definitely see as well. Jennifer Lopez told the 'Idol' contestant, "Last year we came back from the road and we were talking about a couple of people. This year we came back talking about Phillip Phillips … you're one of most special talents we've found on the road."

However, fellow raspy-voiced singer Steven Tyler said it best when he told Phillips, "You've got a crazy kind of voice where you hang your hat on which notes you want to growl on... It's not easy having a voice like yours and making it fit other songs."

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Watch Phillip Phillips Perform 'In the Air Tonight' on 'American Idol'