Ouch! Phillip Phillips wasn't joking when he said he played through pain and was in ill health on Season of 11 of 'American Idol,' which the cutie won. In a chat with E!, the singer/songwriter revealed that when he was checked by doctors, they found that his right kidney was three to four (!!!) times the size of the left one. He was in so much pain it hurt to bend over or walk! Aww! Poor guy.

In this chat, Phillips reveals that he is getting his energy back and getting better. We're glad that the mutant right kidney hasn't stopped him, even if it did slow him down a little bit. He had surgery and sounds a little raspy-voiced, but appears to be on the road to recovery. Fans can't wait to see him on the 'American Idol' tour, performing his record-breaking single 'Home.'

When things got so bad that he couldn't walk, he said, "They took me to the doctor, did some X-rays, which showed that my right kidney was three to four times the size of my left kidney, and it was backed up with fluid."

It hurts just thinking about such a notion.

Yet Phillips performed every week, winning the crowd over and notching the win.

He said, "I tried to save my energy for the show days. There were a couple times it was hurtin' so bad. I got to the doctors and they really helped me out."

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