'American Idol' winner Phillip Phillips will be relishing in his victory from a hospital bed following the Memorial Day weekend. The 'Home' singer is scheduled to undergo surgery this Tuesday.

Phillips' father revealed earlier this week that the Georgia native underwent eight surgeries just during his time on 'Idol' to temporarily remedy his chronic kidney problems. “Eight operations since we started ‘American Idol,’" Phillips' dad said. "He’s hitting 50 percent, but he’s still up there swinging away.” The operations were only short-term fixes, though, according to TMZ. In his most recent operation, Phillips had a stent inserted into his kidney to help him get through the season to the finale, but his pain was still pretty unbearable from his kidney stones. His doc actually wanted him to drop out of 'Idol' for immediate surgery, but Phillips refused -- and with good reason, as he was the victor!

TMZ reports that Phillips will recuperate in a pimped out Malibu mansion lent to him and his parents by an 'Idol' production honcho. Nice! Phillips' recovery is expected to take close to six weeks. Thankfully, Phillips is expected to be in tip-top shape just in time for the 'American Idol' tour, which kicks off on July 6.

“I’m going to get some surgery done, so I’m going to get all better for the tour,” Phillips said. “It was very tough [getting through the season]. I had great doctors and great people surrounding me [who] really helped out, so it’s just a blessing to be here.”

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