Here's a heartwarming holiday tale for animal lovers! Pink is known for her toned frame and tatted up tough girl image, but the new mom also has a big heart. The 'Bridge of Light' singer has a soft spot for animals -- she even has a tattoo to show it. Recently, Pink put her money where her mouth is when she paid $5,000 to save a strange puppy's life.

TMZ reports that Mrs. Carey Hart was surfing the Web when she found an article about a poor puppy that had been tossed over a Los Angeles overpass into the L.A. River, breaking three of its legs (and our hearts!). The unfortunate fur ball, named Stella (aw!) needed immediate emergency surgery to survive -- and Pink foot the bill.

Pink was completely proactive in her aid to the pup. She personally contacted Ace of Hearts, an animal rescue organization, and offered to pay for absolutely any medical expense necessary to rescue the dog. The total costs came to about $5,000. The dog has since not only recovered, but was also adopted into a loving family just in time for the holidays.

This Christmas Eve, we'll raise our glasses to Pink and her protective, generous nature. Willow Sage is a lucky little lady!