Pink is royally pissed on her newly leaked full track, 'The King Is Dead but the Queen Is Alive.'

The song isn't on the official track list for 'The Truth About Love,' and that may be relieving to some of her fans. The track is catchy, with the kind of shout-along chorus that is quickly becoming as much of Pink's trademark as her cotton-candy hued hair.

However, the lyrics leave much to be desired. While Pink has never necessarily been a storyteller like Bob Dylan (or even Taylor Swift), the songstress almost always injects cheeky humor into her lines, delivering them with a wink and a nudge. This song lacks the irony that most of her work oozes.

That isn't to say it's not fun. The song is an allegory of a relationship being a monarchy, and when Pink finally gets fed up with her tyrannical king, she verbally takes him to the guillotine, reclaiming her throne and her sense of self. And while the "Rah rah rah / Shish-boom-f---ing bah" of the chorus may not be the deepest thing we've ever heard, we gotta admit that the drunken cheerleader vibe is a pretty fun one to sing along with.

If this is a track that was dismissed from 'The Truth About Love,' it can only mean that what made the cut is amazing, and we really can't wait to hear it!

Listen to Pink, 'The King Is Dead but the Queen Is Alive