When it comes to wreaking havoc, nobody can do it like Pink and Avril Lavigne. These feisty singers are known for their tough, spitfire attitudes and carefree personalities, and their music videos often reflect these qualities. In a battle of the videos, who gets your vote for the best? Pink's 'So What' or Avril Lavigne's 'What the Hell'?

In the clip for 'So What,' which is quite the spunky song itself, we see Pink have a complete mental breakdown in the wake of her split from her now-reunited husband Carey Hart. Of course, Pink takes the comical route to deal with her feelings, creating a hilarious montage of craziness as she rides a lawn mower through L.A. traffic, harasses some newlyweds, streaks on the red carpet, and lights her hair on fire.

On the converse, Avril Lavigne isn't upset over heartache in her 'What the Hell' video, but is instead trying to escape her very committed boyfriend and let loose. But, as you guessed, Avril's idea of getting a little wild is well beyond the average person's limits, as she hijacks a New York taxi cab, crashes it, flirts with super hot basketballers, and just toys with her poor boy's emotions endlessly.

So, which of these spunky, fun music videos is your favorite? Watch them both below and vote for either Pink's 'So What' or Avril Lavigne's 'What the Hell' below, once per hour!

Watch the Pink 'So What' Video

Watch the Avril Lavigne 'What the Hell' Video

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